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“Asthma Blues”®

The music-based educational bridge to 
improved asthma care!

"Asthma Blues"® is the innovative asthma education music CD and book from CTK Clinical Consultants that delivers the NHLBI guidelines for asthma management. “Asthma Blues”® empowers people with vital information that builds the structure for asthma management, delivers key concepts and messages that help them to understand and manage asthma effectively, and equips them with the tools to increase self-management skills.

Asthma control, identification of asthma triggers, purpose of relief and controller medication,  proper delivery method for both, use of a peak flow meter to monitor lung status, and the importance of a written asthma action plan to guide self-management are some of the messages delivered in different musical styles on our 7-song “Asthma Blues”® CD.  

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Families Living With Asthma

New Self-Empowerment Kit price !   

"Asthma Blues"® is the educational bridge to improved asthma care for people with asthma, school nurses, community educators, and asthma coalitions. Now you can get the "Asthma Blues"® Self-Empowerment Kit for $15 plus tax, shipping and handling. "Asthma Blues"® empowers individuals with vital information that builds the structure for asthma management, delivers key messages that help them to take control of asthma, and equips them with the tools to keep it controlled. Now available at!

Breathing is the most important thing you will do today.

Learn how to manage and control asthma !