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You know someone with asthma.
Is their asthma under control?

"Asthma Blues"®

"Asthma Blues"® is the innovative asthma education music CD from CTK Clinical Consultants that teaches key concepts for asthma management.  Asthma control, identification of asthma triggers, effective delivery of relief and controller medication, use of a peak flow meter, and the importance of a written asthma action plan to guide self-management are some of the messages delivered in songs of popular musical genres such as Blues, Country & Western, Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B, and Rock & Roll. Utilizing the science of music and learning, the "Asthma Blues"® CD has been designed to educate people with asthma and their caregivers. The educational music on our 7-song CD will interface seamlessly with your current asthma education program as well as serving as an informative and entertaining self-management tool.
"Asthma Blues"® will be a valuable addition to the educational efforts of your asthma coalition, community educators, school nurses and clinic or hospital personnel. "Asthma Blues"® empowers individuals with vital information that builds the structure for asthma management, delivers key messages that help them to take control of asthma, and equips them with the tools to keep it controlled.
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Asthma Blues

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Get Your Peak Flow On




Asthma Triggers


Breathin' Right


Ten Minutes To Take A Neb


You Need An Action Plan