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The landmark 2007 Expert Panel Report 3 (EPR-3) states that a partnership between the clinician and the person with asthma (or the caregiver) is required for effective asthma management. By working together, self-management skills necessary to control asthma can be taught and learned. Self-management education improves patient outcomes (e.g., reduced urgent care visits, hospitalizations, limitations on activities as well as improved health status, quality of life, and perceived control of asthma) and can be cost-effective.1
CTK's 7-song asthma education music CD, "Asthma Blues"®, creates the educational bridge that strengthens communication between health care professionals and the person with asthma. "Asthma Blues"® translates the goals of the EPR-3 into music and delivers 5 of the 6 Key Priority Messages from the Guidelines Implementation Panel (GIP) Report. "Asthma Blues"® addresses two of the GIP Report's core themes, Communication and Patient/Provider Support by utilizing the science of music and learning to communicate the NHLBI guidelines for asthma management. “Asthma Blues”® empowers people with asthma and their caregivers with vital information that builds the structure for asthma management, delivers key concepts that help them to take control of asthma, and equips them with the tools to keep asthma controlled.

1. 2007 EPR-3: Section 3, Component 2: Education For A Partnership In Asthma. 

“Asthma Blues” ®
 The music-based educational bridge
to improved asthma care!
Delivers uniform and consistent
asthma management messages
Increases self-management skills
Improves quality of life

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