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CTK Clinical Consultants was founded in 2002 by Alfred J. Keith, BA, CRT.  He is a graduate of the University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics Educational Program of Respiratory Therapy at National-Louis University, where he received his B.A. degree in Allied Health. His passion for education paved the way for him to become the respiratory supervisor for pediatrics and respiratory coordinator of the NICU at the University of Chicago Hospitals.
In 2004, CTK Clinical Consultants received the Excellence in Community Education Award from the American Lung Association of Metropolitan Chicago. In February of 2006, CTK reached a milestone of delivering asthma education to over 2,500 Chicago Public Schools staff members as part of the Asthma 101 program sponsored by the American Lung Association of Metropolitan Chicago.
Al Keith and the music from CTK's "Asthma Blues"® asthma education CD, are featured in the Asthma Control Everyday (ACE) video, a component of the Asthma Control Everyday asthma education program currently in use by Children's Hospital, University of Missouri Health Care and Asthma The “Asthma Blues”® program was presented at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Association of Asthma Educators during their opening day plenary luncheon. 
'Asthma Blues"® was featured at the AAE 2013 Conference in Charleston, SC, as part of their Community Service Project and at the AAE President’s Luncheon.  
A study done at Rush University Medical Center using the "Asthma Blues"® asthma education program to demonstrate improvements in asthma knowledge and self-management skills has been published in  Respiratory Care Education Annual, Vol. 22, Fall 2013, 45-48 . The study results show that asthma knowledge, assessed using the 15 item "Asthma Blues"® Test, improved by 58% after receiving the "Asthma Blues"® educational program. The "Asthma Blues"® music CD and book, which includes the 15-item Pre and Post Test, is bundled as the "Asthma Blues"® Self-Empowerment Kit, available at       
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CTK Clinical Consultants is a company with a conscience that listens to the concerns of the community and has a responsibility to provide vital information, empowering families with knowledge that helps them to make positive health choices to improve their quality of life.

CTK Clinical Consultants creates evidence-based educational programs that serve to increase knowledge and understanding of health and wellness while promoting the importance of the physician/patient relationship. This is our effort to improve compliance with clinical management plans.

 Our Goals

  • EMPOWER with proactive health education 
  • PROVIDE evidence-based information
  • ENCOURAGE positive health choices
  • PROMOTE the physician-patient relationship

Professional Organizations:
Association of Asthma Educators
American College of Chest Physicians
Alabama Asthma Coalition
Alabama State Board
of Respiratory Therapy

American Association of
Respiratory Care

 "Empowering With Education"